BestComp Group awarded in “The Partner of the Year” nomination held by Hewlett Packard Enterprise in Azerbaijan


Hewlett Packard Enterprise summarized the resulting indicators of the company’s work in Azerbaijan and rewarded greatest partner success in selling HP Enterprise products and solutions and integrating them into different projects.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise declared system integrator BestComp Group as the “Partner of 2017” during the event. BestComp Group has succeeded in achieving a high level of customer satisfaction by choosing innovative solutions and maintaining staff of highly skilled specialists in the company.

BestComp Group has won the following nominations:

• The Best Partner 2017

• The Best Project 2017

HPE has also awarded several BestComp Group’s employees for their success in various projects.

• The Best Operations Manager – Jamila Zeynalova

• The Best Project Lead – Farid Hasanov

• The Best Marketing Manager – Jamila Amiraslanova

• The Best Technical Adviser – Saleh Hasanov


In addition, it is important to note that BestComp Group is the only Platinum partner of Hewlett Packard Enterprise in the region.