You can focus on the important things keeping your business moving at top speed, in the knowledge BestComp Group is looking after your IT, 24/7. Our IT support services are devoted to providing our customers with a high level of support for their daily IT needs.

We are highly experienced and our professional team possesses a wealth of knowledge of all aspects of IT support – whether from on site or remotely. Our Remote Control software allows us to control your PC and to get straight to the problem in seconds, and even more, we’ll fix your IT issues before it can become a problem. BestComp Group doesn’t just do IT support; we are your complete IT department!

SLA’s (Service Level Agreement)

In service level management, we collaborate with the business to define and set realistic expectations for our services and the subsequent delivery of those services to customers. We strive to implement and achieve realistic, collaborative service targets. BestComp Group offers professional IT management and supports various businesses. Our SLAs facilitate a flexible approach. This way you are afforded peace of mind that your IT environment is up-to-date, consistently available, more stable, and secure. IT matters are handled in the fastest time possible, thus saving your time and money, and ensuring unhindered productivity of your work. BestComp Group’s SLAs are available on different levels. We’ll create the individual matrix that suits you the best.

ITSM (IT Service Management)

BestComp Group jointly with its industry-leading technology and service partners provide IT Service Management (“ITSM”) software which includes modern, web-based solution to simplify and automate daily IT requests. We provide a strong, but easy-to-use, modular and cost-effective software suite for automating and improving IT tasks, incident and problem management, configuration management. BestComp Group’s solution allows businesses of all sizes and in every industry to improve IT governance, boost productivity, optimize service levels and reduce related costs, aligning IT infrastructure management with strategic business objectives. Our software incorporates widely adopted integrating service requests, best practice frameworks, incident and problem management, configuration management in a single platform, bringing together the best in management practices and the best in technology.

We clearly understand that IT is core to every business. Properly managing an IT environment is critical to any size organisation to maintain unhindered business continuity. Taking into account some enterprises prefer outsource ITSM, our remote monitoring and management solution is capable of proactive monitoring, managing and reporting on all the IP enabled equipment within your IT network. We strictly advise you to address minor issues in advance before they become larger problems.

Our remote service includes:

  • Server and Network Monitoring;
  • IT Services Automation;
  • Remote Management Tasks;
  • System Health Check;
  • ICT Asset Management;
  • Ticket Management.

Ticket Management automates the entire incident management lifecycle through a configurable workflow engine, ensuring critical IT service continuity. Analytical reports provide accurate, relevant and timely information to act to ensure compliance and business continuity. Our Ticket Management software ensures that all requests are properly and efficiently managed through an integrated process that tracks and handles the complete incident lifecycle from the initial report through investigation, root cause analysis, resulting actions and follow-up verification of effectiveness. BestComp Group’s Ticket Management solution establishes a reliable system for incident intake and automates incident management activities facilitating collaboration on incidents and tracking the progress of investigations. Incident tracking software requires various key features to become a reliable solution. We offer those key features and many more. Use the BestComp Group’s ticket management software to ensure your help desk provides normal service and is prepared for each day ahead.