From banks, financial institutions to insurance services organisations are seeking new ways to reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and increase revenue and shareholder returns. To meet business goals, banking, and other financial and insurance institutions needs advanced IT services that support them streamline their operations, and make them more secure. BestComp Group clearly sees the challenges that you face as a financial services business and work closely with you to tackle those challenges, providing you with end-to-end IT Services from a single, fully accountable partner. Our superior services will empower you assess, implement, monitor, maintain and optimise your IT environment.

Below how we helped financial institutions to become more data-driven in their mission:

  • Supply and deployment of data center solutions; Migration of old infrastructure to the new;
  • Server, storage, network and security infrastructure for headquarters and branch offices;
  • Disaster recovery solutions – that comprehensively help customers build operable, maintainable, and extensible data centers for data resource consolidation between headquarters and branch office independent information systems.
  • Personal system and printing solutions, professional services, software solutions, software development;