BestComp Group is a sharp and creative company that delivers projects on time and on budget, even when projects are huge and complex. Focusing on client satisfaction we succeed due to our combination of experience, quality, innovation and expertise.

  • For over 20 years we’ve been bringing custom and platform-based solutions to large and midsize companies in Healthcare, Finance and Banking, Telecom and other industries;
  • The leading technology giants’ accreditation, delivered by qualified and highly trained analysts and programmers;
  • We strive to deliver software at the cutting edge of powerful development toolkit;
  • Our broad experience has given us expertise in analyzing and understanding business information, operation, workflow, process and data.

BestComp Group’s solutions are focused on enhancing our clients’ processes, and the overall business. This means we provide and prove quicker financial returns for the client. We are flexible around how clients want to work and we strive to successfully integrate into each one’s individual operations and methodologies.

BestComp Group being a member of Azerbaijan Innovation Export Consortium (AZINNEX) offering its innovative solutions to the global marketplace as well. We are aimed to go global by moving locally applied advanced innovation solutions and services to the international market, enhancing the availability and reliability of the business environment. We present our insightful experience to make more informed and strategic business decisions along with the quality products and solutions.