BestComp Group’s “bProRec” Court Recording and Transcription System offers a complete range of digital court recording solutions that allow courts to effectively reduce their cost per case while improving productivity for judges and the legal community. Our easy-to-use digital court recording solutions make it possible to share case audio, video and information across multiple locations, at the same time it allows you to conserve storage space and save on storage media. With integrated log notes, confidence monitoring and integrated playback and transcription capabilities, BestComp Group’s digital court recording solutions can streamline your workflow and create an easy to use, accurate and secure record of all your proceedings.

The best part of the system is the resulting accuracy added to the transcription process. The system takes the human factor out of the recording process, because sometime a person can miss a word or words. The proceedings being recorded and digitized are stored right to hard disk, which allows somebody to make sure the integrity of the records are maintained. It really takes the pressure out of taking records and allows the person to concentrate on what they’re hearing.

We have digital court recording solutions for any courtroom environment, from simple standalone capture solutions to complex, multi-location integrated audio-video systems that transfer files across servers and networks. The system supports simultaneous use of more than 8 microphones and more that 4 IP video surveillance cameras.

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