From healthcare and justice system to public safety, BestComp Group works with government institutions of Azerbaijan to support and empower citizens. Calling on our extensive experience working with a range of government and public institutions, we will provide you with the IT Services and Infrastructure that you need to raise your productivity, while reducing your risk and costs. Our skilled and experienced team supports government sector institutions in Azerbaijan 24/7.

We’ve supplied and managed complex, variable and flexible IT solutions for government and public sector across the country:

  • Electronic Health Card System (EHCS) is an electronic information system applied by BestComp Group for Ministry of Health. System allows the existence of electronic information system focusing on personal, medical and insurance information. Data included to the health card system is collected in the information center of the Ministry of Health. Data in the health card system (medical history, examination, treatment, medicines used currently, inoculations, future health insurance etc.) allows card holder to examine operatively and exactly. Both special software necessary for implementation of Electronic Health Card System developing and special equipment and software of data management and card personalization centers were provided by BestComp Group and given to usage and project was realized successfully.
  • System for automatization of information processes in Migration Service; System allows to analyze, forecast migration processes and to organize monitoring; to create unit database system in the field of migration; To make decisions on granting permissions on temporally and permanently reside for foreigners and stateless persons, granting immigrant status, extension of temporary staying period of foreigners and stateless persons in the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as on determination of citizenship and refugee status. IMIS is integrated with Interagency Automated Information and Search Center (IAISC) and information systems of other relevant authorities.
  • Automatization of Electronic Management of court cases within the project “Modernization of judicial system. Automatization of work processes and facilitating citizen’s accessibility in all court buildings according to international requirements, registration of new court cases, the audio-video recording systems, necessary infrastructure to carry out video-conferences and presentations and electronic document management was developed and deployed by BestComp Group.
  • System for Automatization of Information Processes in Libraries; BestComp Group has successfully implemented the “e-museum” project at the Literature museum after Nizami. This project allows exhibition to visitors all artifacts stored at the museum but not displayed at the exhibition halls. Interactive system with touch-screen displays allows full multimedia access to the entire exposition.
  • BestComp Group successfully delivered main and backup recovery site for the electronic information system “Personal Electronic Window.
  • Projected implemented in compliance with leading international experience and using modern information and communication technologies, to establish a single information database of invalid documents originally handed by the relevant agencies of the Republic of Azerbaijan to its citizens, as well as to foreigners and persons without citizenship; to enable quick identification of the validity status of individuals’ documents in automated regime during provision of e-services to the public; and to prevent the illegal use of legally invalid documents.
  • Storage Solutions for Automated Safe City System. System provides prompt measures against any illegal acts, continuous and live monitoring of public tranquility and prompt measures in case of any emergency events.
  • Supply and delivery of various Information Technology equipment for “FARABI” project of Ministry of Finance.
  • Supply, Delivery and Installation of IT equipment for head and branch offices of State Treasury Agency.