The most telecommunication companies offer a broad portfolio of prepaid and postpaid voice and data services to an extensive network of subscribers. In order to provide innovative services and products, the companies have sought to serve their diverse customer base in a digitally-driven and personalised way. To sustain this approach, operators need a Self-care toolbar that would offer more flexibility and convenience to their subscribers.

At the same time, this tool empowers them to understand customers better, react faster to their demands and easily adapt the content and offer to a particular context. We know that the more digital the journey, the higher the satisfaction. BestComp Group designs and develops the self-care toolbar that would help the operators see their mission – of creating a more engaging customer experience – accomplished. Relying on the platform, the customised self-care B2C and B2B portal enables both prepaid and postpaid users to manage their account and subscriptions as well as to control bonuses, SMS and data bundles easily.

Our team ensured the full stack of services, starting with analysis & design, and mobile development to system integration. Our Self-care toolbar offers flexibility to both, the operator’s business users and their subscribers. For the full functionality of system contact us emailing at