Automation of Information Processes in Libraries

“bProLib” E-Library is the electronic books library system has been developed and implemented by BestComp Group for Justice Academy of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Integrated useful administration module, registration module, library module, reading room module, E-book creation module, reporting module along with user-friendly software allows you to catalog, tag, register and search your books database with ease.

Full Unicode support provides multi-directional and multi-script text capabilities. Users can interface with the system in their preferred language (Azerbaijani, English, Russian). The bProLib is flexible enough to manage huge volume collections at substantial cost savings. The system enhances collection automation and management by integrating traditional library services with powerful knowledge management capabilities to help agile libraries overcome information discovery and delivery challenges. bProLib’s customizable components are tailored to accommodate the requirements of institutions of all types and sizes, from single-branch libraries to the largest of groups and national libraries. For the full functionality of system contact us emailing at