Video Surveillance System

There is a huge choice of CCTV solutions, but to choose the right option can be challenging. It is very important to know what you are getting and that it matches your objectives. BestComp Group’s CCTV experts will help match your business needs depending on the functionality you need. We provide scalable and intelligent monitoring solutions that incorporate high-resolution CCTV cameras for enhanced image quality at low bandwidth, optimized storage, coupled with intelligent digital recording and analysis. Our comprehensive service includes:

  • Smart, High Definition Cameras
  • Facial identification cameras
  • Covert and visible cameras
  • Thermal and infrared cameras
  • Loitering detection cameras

We offer these solutions with robust communication backbone over fibre optic, LAN, wireless and other technologies based on the requirement and existing infrastructure availability, along with options of remote monitoring and recording, including Cloud Solutions. Feel free to give us a call to discuss your CCTV system and work out what suits your business.