Session on supporting women in IT at Bestcomp Group office

The third practice session within the mentoring program of "FEMMES DIGITALES" Public Union was held at the Bestcomp Group. On October 13, 2022, the third practice session within the framework of the mentoring program organized by the FEMMES DIGITALES Public Union - Supporting women in TECH was held at the BestComp company office.

A detailed information regarding the company's innovative projects, high end services and solutions were provided by Mrs. Jamila Amiraslanova, Marketing Manager of Bestcomp Group. Jamila mentioned about the criticality of IT for children and told about the donation of 1000 computers made by the company for schools, located in liberated areas.
Mr. Fuad Gambarov, HR Director of Bestcomp Group provided a comprehensive presentation regarding the share of women in the digital world and specifically the uprise percentage in Europe. Fuad shared information about the favorable numbers regarding female share in Azerbaijan, and specified the importance of women power in IT companies.