We are pleased to announce that we have become a partner of Panduit, a world leader in the development of innovative infrastructure solutions that help customers reduce physical layer risks. Panduit’s expertise covers all elements of the physical infrastructure and is based on the principle of integration and interoperability of the building’s life support systems.

Panduit is a leading developer, a world leader in the design and manufacture of structured cabling systems (SCS) and wiring products, and provides products and services for projects in the field of electrical and network technologies.

Panduit solutions include: cable, modular connectors for twisted-pair copper cables and for fiber optics, zone cabling systems, sockets and front panels, rack systems, physical network management systems, cable boxes, optical cable transport systems, grounding systems, cable ties and accessories, as well as network identification systems.

Within the framework of the cooperation, the Bestcomp Group company is able to prepare specifications, design, install and support structured cabling systems based on Panduit equipment.