Azerbaijan’s leading IT company BestComp Group was awarded the “CISCO Technology Excellence: Security Partner of the Year 2020” award at the CISCO Partners Summit, which was attended by over 10,000 partners from 150 countries.

The award was presented by Jonathan Sparrow, CISCO Vice President for Russia, CIS and Romania. It was especially noted at the ceremony that Bestcomp Group received this award for the successful implementation of large-scale projects in the public and private sectors of Azerbaijan.

As the general director of the company Farid Hasanov noted, “This very joyful occasion for us is a great success for the Azerbaijani company. Over the past years, our company has achieved great success in the design and implementation of solutions for Data Centers, information security and telecommunications.

The Bestcomp Group has previously received numerous awards from CISCO. We are one of three companies with “CISCO Master Security Specialization” status in the CIS. Bestcomp Group was awarded the Azerbaijan Enterprise Partner of the Year award at the CISCO Partner Summit held in 2019 in Las Vegas, USA, with the participation of more than 4000 representatives of various IT companies from around the world.

I would like to note that our cooperation with CISCO have become even more impressive in 2020, thereby strengthening our leadership status in this area in the Azerbaijani market.

We are constantly working on improving the solutions offered by our company, choosing partners and satisfying customer requests, considering the needs and requirements of customers in the field of modern IT technologies.

We express our sincere gratitude to our respected customers and specialists that we have been able to reach such heights. We thank everyone who contributed to this work.