As a result of improved living conditions and rapid growth coming from the successful political and economic reforms in the Republic of Azerbaijan number of foreign nationals and persons without citizenship entering our country has grown rapidly every year and resulted in more intensive migration processes. For the purposes of strengthening public control over migration processes and improving registration of entrance and departure of foreign nationals and their registration at a place of residence an Integrated Migration Information System (IMIS) has been established under the State Migration Service (SMS). SMS IMIS allows monitoring and strict supervision over location and activities of foreign nationals and persons without citizenship starting from their entrance to the country.

Banking sector

A number of telecommunication, server and storage systems have been projected and implemented at various banks. Several turn-key solutions have been implemented at the "Kapital bank" including based on CISCO equipment project of WLAN networking of the remote offices located over the country with the central office located in Baku. Another project was the creation of the bank's state of art central site which was successfully delivered based on solution including HP equipment operating on HP-UX, Oracle, iFlex, FlexCube software, solution based on HP Openview, etc.

Insurance sector

BestComp Group has offered software solutions on automation of insurance activity of insurance companies. This software solution covers entire insurance process and has been successfully implemented at some of leading insurance companies of the country.

Oil and Gas sector

BestComp Group has been in partnership and continues partnership with a number of well-known companies such as BP, CCIC, Saipem, McDermott, Bectel, Salyan Oil, Nobel Oil, Exxon, Schlumberger, Caspian Geophysical, TPAO, Petrofac, Spie-Petrofac. CCIC has enjoyed BestComp Group's excellent IT support and service for 3 years all over the country where CCIC had offices during construction of Baku-Tbilisi-Jeyhan oil pipeline. A server solution designed for Saipem's vessels has been in successful use for years.


Unique project for the entire region has been implemented in the health sector. On the project "Electronic health card of citizens of Azerbaijan Republic" consisting of database software developed by the BestComp Group and hardware system of HP-UX system operating servers, communication equipment, multiple redundancy UPS system designed by the BestComp Group 335 hospitals, public health enterprises has been connected with the central database located at the Ministry of Health in Baku. Smart cards are being issued to all new born citizens of Azerbaijan to store all information on their health, treatments, etc. Duplicated data is stored in the central site storage devices at the Ministry. Other age groups of population are to be covered by this project too.

Culture sector

BestComp Group has successfully implemented the "e-museum" project at the Literature museum after Nizami. This project allows exhibition to visitors all artifacts stored at the museum but not displayed at the exhibition halls. Interactive system with touch-screen displays allows full multimedia access to the entire exposition.