Uninterrupted power

Solutions on uninterrupted power supply systems are one of the most successful fields of activity of the BestComp Group. Moreover there are implemented solutions which are unique in the regional scale. Customers from various sectors of economics take full advantage of these solutions. These are telecommunication, industrial, transport, construction companies, government institutions, private companies and organizations. Systems with multiple layers of redundancy have been designed successfully implemented for mobile communication operators, banks, television companies, airports. A lot of projects with 1+1, 2+1, 2x(1+1) on parallel, hot-standby or combined redundancy based on 3-phase UPSs of the 20-800kVA range as well as  electronic static transfer switches have been developed and implemented. In some solutions projected by our company, total power of the UPS system amounts 4800kVA

Partnership with four well-known UPS manufacturers - APC (MGE UPS Systems), Eaton, Tripplite, Artronic as well as close ties with Schneider Electric make possible developing and implementation of projects of any complicity. Our specialists have been trained by the above mentioned manufacturers and hold highest level service certificates.

The are a number of customers preferring peace in mind use our 24x7 service for their business critical system.