Structured cabling

Strukturlaşdırılmış kabel sistemləriStructured cabling networks form the basis of telecommunication system of modern businesses. It is a general environment of data transmission, incorporating local computer and telephone networks, security, video surveillance and other systems.

Structured cabling network is a building or campus cabling infrastructure consisting of cables, sockets and cable distributors.

Structured cabling network is a general system of the building's engineering structure, allowing to get variety of information services different by functional purpose in one space.

Structured cabling system is designed to provide integrated cable infrastructure which may be later used by local computer network, telephony and video surveillance systems, administration networks, signaling and other data transmission and processing systems.

The goal pursued by the technical staff of BestComp group in structured cabling system design is to cover all demands of potential system users during the whole service life of the building without the need to redesign or to extend the cabling network.

BestComp Group offers full variety of services on cabling system installation and maintenance in Azerbaijan's market.


This approach to building's infrastructure, especially at structured cabling network design stage, allows establishing integrated system, which is fully transparent for users and does not depend on run applications.

Advantages of structured cabling network comparing to ordinary cabling networks:

  • Single cabling system is used for data, voice and video signal transmission;
  • Is modular and could be upgraded and extended without the need to replace the system in whole
  • Does not depend on modifications to data transmission technology and types of active equipment
  • Uses standard components and materials;
  • Can be managed and administered by minimum staff;
  • Allows for combination of optic fiber and copper wire;
  • Extendable thus allowing to retain investments

Strukturlaşdırılmış kabel sistemləriStructured cabling system allows each interface (connection point) to provide access to all network resources.

All works are performed by highly-qualified and certified staff of BestComp Group.


These conditions cause the necessity to provide general integrated cabling system for each potential client capable of meeting the needs of the building's all systems. Cabling systems designed and built by BestComp Group are compatible with all applications and commutation standards and provide perfect balance between the price and the quality.