System integration

System integrationSystem integration is all about development of sophisticated IT solutions for corporate customers; development of complex and interdependent systems to manage and automate business-processes combining various technologies and equipment of various manufacturers as well as developing dedicated software.


System integration and complex automation of businesses is widely applied in the industrial and trade sectors, accounting and budgeting, sales and administration, warehouses, banks, restaurants, pharmacies, hotels and libraries, anywhere to systemize business procedures, document flow and paperwork.


True systems integrator fully understands client's needs and offers most cost-effective and customer-tailored solutions, doing so engineers systems open for future enhancements or changing business requirements.


With the highly qualified and skilled creative specialists the BestComp Group is one of the most successful systems integrator company in Azerbaijan. Being a partner of the leading IT companies of the world BestComp Group has been successfully designing and implementing systems and solutions combining software and hardware to achieve ultimate goal.


Complex system integration and business automation solutions address tasks of all levels of complexity, using the system approach and covering the following activities:


  • Design and implementation of power quality solutions;
  • Design and installation of structured cabling systems;
  • Business-process automation;
  • Design and optimization of corporate information systems;
  • Development of data processing centers;
  • Development and installation of control and automation systems;
  • Maintaining company's information security;
  • Licensed software;
  • Installation of systems, providing unified access to corporate applications;
  • Design and development of the office and IP telephony;
  • IT consulting and outsourcing.


BestComp Group is a reliable partner for hundreds of businesses in Azerbaijan and has long list of successfully implemented unique and comprehensive "turn-key" solutions.


BestComp Group's extensive system integration and complex business automation experience mainly focuses in these sectors of economy:


  • Financial institutions and Banks
  • Telecommunications
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Trade and services
  • Government institutions and private companies

As a system integrator BestComp Group is well known by:


  • availability of consultants, analytics, engineering and technical staff, production and technical facilities;
  • experience in implementation of various scale projects, using equipment of various manufacturers;
  • own developments, both on equipment and software;
  • finding most cost-effective and customer-tailored solution within the client's budget, meeting all existing needs and enabling growth forecast;
  • providing clients with several alternative solutions;
  • structuring business-processes, developing integrated information systems concept for companies with various levels and complexity of information flow;
  • ensuring comprehensive approach to the development of telecommunications and information systems of various scale, performing all kinds of works in the course of developing and operating communications system;
  • performing technical audit of telecommunication, processing, data storage and quality power management systems and providing recommendations for further development;
  • performing pre-design studies, establishing system requirements;
  • drafting technical terms and requirements, engineering, design, supply of equipment and communication tools, integrating equipment from various manufacturers into single system, installation and startup works, turn-key solutions and training the customer's staff;
  • professional service, warranty and post-warranty support;
  • ensuring high quality works and services (ISO 9000 certificate).

Reliability of BestComp Group as a system integration partner is recognized in the certificates, issued to our professional staff by the world's leading manufacturers.