Bestcomp Group introduced a new convenient tool for Bakcell, the first mobile operator in Azerbaijan

The Bestcomp Group Company takes active participation in the development of telecommunication technologies in Azerbaijan. One of the most striking and interesting projects that we have managed to introduce in our country will be noticed and pleasantly experienced not only by the more than 2 million subscribers of Bakcell, but also by those who actively monitor the digital life of Azerbaijan!

Design and technological equipment of conference halls

Modern conference hall is a sophisticated complex, which brings together a host of high-tech systems, creating organizational and technological conditions that ensure the achievement of objectives related to the functionality of the hall.
Construction of conference halls is a serious endeavor that requires a professional approach both in the construction phase and in the implementation phase of the design project. Over the years, our company has gained considerable experience in the design, reconstruction and construction of the modern conference rooms from the "zero" to the turn-key.

National PC

Informational technologies are an integral part of the life of modern society. Modern life style throughout the globe, as well as in Azerbaijan, involves extensive use of IT. In this environment provision of access to technologies at the grass roots level is absolutely necessary and as a number one priority would entail provision of PCs to people. Large-scale computer availability enables people to be the full-right members of information society and to benefit from IT achievements.