Retail shops

Wide range products from consumables up to computers, servers and networking equipment produced by industry leaders such as HP, Acer, Dell, Microsoft, Kindermann, APC by Schneider Electric, Tripp lite, Eaton, ARTronic, Karel,  Symantec, Dr.Web, İntegral, Canon are being offered at the network of showrooms. Skilled sales personnel can help any customer in choosing best product suitable for his requirements. Using warehouses in Dubai and Georgia the BestComp Group can urgently deliver products required by customers.


Support teams based at the showrooms helps customers in installation of the purchased products as well as offers troubleshooting services to our customers.



Full-scale service works can be carried out on-site as well as at the specialized and authorized service centers of the company.



Address: 40a, Samad Vurgun str.
Phone:   (+99412) 498 1898



Address: 30a, 28 may str.
Phone: (+99412) 493 0179; 498 0676



Address: 30/78, Ataturk ave.

Phone: (+99412) 436 3046; 436 2961



Address: 2/15, Shixaly Gurbanov str.
Phone: (+99412) 596 2295 /96





Bravo Hypermarket
Address: 4, Ramiz Guliyev str.
Phone: (+99412) 404 2364